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Rules, Regulations and Standards

We can not tell you what to do, but we can help you understand what you must do. We quite often receive questions regarding which rules apply and what can happen if they are not followed. Here we try to give answers to some common questions. Note that this is not all rules that apply, but we focus on a few that may be good to know.

What is the Machinery Directive?

The new Machinery Directive (2006/42 / EC) came into force on 29 December 2009 and regulates the conditions for the machines to be CE marked.

The CE mark shows that:
The manufacturer guarantees that the machine complies with the Directive
The manufacturer takes responsibility for the safety of the machine
The machine must be as safe as possible The buyer shall have the declaration of conformity The manufacturer shall have the technical documentation The machine can be sold freely within the EU

When will the new standard for Quick Couplers be released?

The safety aspects of Joystick steering are regulated in ISO5010 and the electronics in ISO15998. In short the following criteria must be fulfilled in order to be able to install joystick steering on a wheeled excavator.

  • The normal steering wheel must always be active and have highest priority.
  • The Joystick steering must be able to be deactivated.
  • Visual indication needed when Joystick Steering is active.
  • Speed limit must not exceed 20 km/h. It must be impossible to go faster than defined speed with Joystick Steering activated.
  • The operator must reactivate the joystick steering each time entering the machine.
  • It the joystick steering is indicating problems it must go to “safemode”, eg. be shut off.
  • Each vehicle must make a steering course test run to verify max speed with Joystick steering active.

What is the Symmetric Standard for Quick Couplers?

The symmetric standard is a machine independent standard managed by the Swedish trade association for suppliers of mobile machines.

The aim of standardization is to:

  • Create a standard that is safe and user-friendly as well as harmonize with international standards such as EN474 and the coming ISO13031.
  • Create a competitive and open industry standard that is not controlled by a single manufacturer, but instead of a recognized and impartial professional organization.
  • Create a uniform designation for quick fasteners of various sizes within the standard.
  • Create a uniform standard manufacturing with dimensions and tolerances, and adapted for efficient manufacturing.
  • Create a design that makes it cheap and easy to build on new and used buckets and accessories.
  • Create a design that is suitable for installation on different types of gear systems with the so-called sandwich tool, type Rototilt / Tiltrotator and the like with quick connections both above and below.
  • Create a standard as far as possible retain the excavator digging normal properties.
  • Have a bracket width that harmonize with and fits most excavator knitting widths of the target size ranges.
  • Being without play and without the need for individual shimming.
  • Have a design that allows for future installation of fully automated systems for connecting the hydraulic hoses and electrical cables.
  • The standard should be supported by a majority of Swedish and Nordic suppliers of machinery and equipment manufacturers.

Is there a common agreement in the industry on how Tiltrotators should be operated?

The ISO standard 10968 Operator Controls is now under revision and is expected to be released towards the end of 2017. Nevertheless the the Swedish trade association for suppliers of mobile machines have made an agreement as follows.

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