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MG Film Steelwrist 480x270


Steelwrist new high-performance sorting grapples are targeted for the tougher tasks such as handling large stones, timber, recycling, scrap, sorting and also for medium duty demolition work.

Steelwrist the trailer -
soon at a job site near you!

The interest for Steelwrist products continue to grow internationally, yet the tiltrotator is still a fairly unknown product in many markets.

Steelwrist the trailer – is a teaser that will help customers to understand the potential and lead the user to some practical tips what to think about when getting started with tiltrotators.

Company Presentation Steelwrist

Short film about Steelwrist, the fastest growing tiltrotator manufacturer in the world.

Front Pin Lock - for quick couplers

The first part of the film shows a traditional quick coupler with negative indication and without Fron Pin Lock. One can then see what can happen if the wedge do not lock properly but without the operator detecting it. The second part shows how Steelwrist Front Pin Lock works.

Increased efficiency with a tiltrotator

We asked the driver to do the same job with and without a tiltrotator. The driver had to choose the best tool for the job. See for yourself how you can increase your productivity with a tiltrotator.

High Efficiency Screening Bucket

Benchmark between different types of screening buckets. Compare for yourself how you can get the most out of your investment. Read more here!


The film shows how easy it is to detach the tiltrotator with a GeoFit installed.