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Steelwrist products are your path to excavator efficiency!

Steelwrist is the fastest growing quick coupler and tiltrotator manufacturer in the world. See the machines with Steelwrist equipment operating at Conexpo 2023 in Las Vegas.

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The domino effect with Steelwrist tiltrotator!

Hear our Vice President of Sales in North America, Peter Gaj in this interview at Conexpo 2023 with Mark Anthony from The Breakfast Show of Demolition News. Listen to Peter’s thoughts on the future of Steelwrist’s growth and how the US market will expand and double within a three-year period. The fact that more and more people are now discovering the efficiency of a Steelwrist tiltrotator is what is creating this massive domino effect among operators and excavator owners around the world.

Steelwrist raises the level to meet the US market even better!

“It has been a tremendous growth journey actually, people are looking to get their second or third Steelwrist unit already.”

Listen to Richard Aulin, VP Region EMEA, about our growth journey these past six years in the US and how we will make it our biggest market. Richard shares the exciting news about our development for the near future as he switches roles with current Vice President for North America, Christian Yanes.

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Steeelwrist X02 tiltrotator

Steelwrist X02 tiltrotator has a low building height, high tilt angle and an unbeatable relationship between strength and weight thanks to steel casted components. It is accompanied by a complete range of work tools which convert also the smallest excavators into true tool carriers.

Adding the X02 to our product portfolio finally completes our range of tiltrotators offering efficiency for excavators from 1,5 to 33 tonnes.


Steelwrist on Hidromek 145 LCSR

Liberg Entreprenad performs all types of earthworks from industrial buildings to apartment complexes. Amongst their machines, they have four 5-20 ton excavators, all equipped with Steelwrist tiltrotators and work tools. This Hidromek 145 LCSR is equipped with a Steelwrist X20 tiltrotator with gripper, S60 quick coupler, a cable bucket and a grading bucket. Because of the fantastic support that Steelwrist provides them with, Liberg Entreprenad chooses to only have Steelwrist tiltrotators on all their excavators.


Quantum Tiltrotator Control System

Quantum is the latest generation of tiltrotator control systems and the most advanced on the market. Ergonomics, easy installation and fuel efficiency, remote support and automatic tool recognition are important parts of the system. The video presents the benefits and functions of Quantum in the workshop and at the worksite.

Steelwrist SQ90  POlesenA:S 890X467

SQ full automatic quick couplers save valuable time

You can save time and maximize utilization of the excavator by using full automatic quick couplers for changing between hydraulic powered work tools. In the video you can see SQ90 on a CAT 352F excavator with a hydraulic cutter at a demolition site in central Copenhagen. A 100 ton Liebherr 954 long reach excavator with Steelwrist SQ80 quick coupler is working alongside.
Steelwrist SQ-DEMOLITION 890x467

Always use the right tools for the job with Steelwrist SQ!

“With Steelwrist SQ fully automatic quick coupler systems you can change between hydraulic powered work tools such as breaker, crusher, shear, grapple as well as mechanical work tools in only seconds –
all without leaving the cab!”

Steelwrist Powered work tools 890x467

Powered work tools!

Steelwrist Compactors are designed for quiet, safe, comfortable and maintenance free compaction of soil, pipeline trenches, embankments, pits and shafts. The angled housing design and rubber buffers provide optimum force distribution for the compaction work and makes it possible to use in rough terrain. Here seen on a Volvo EWR170E and with Steelwrist X20 tiltrotator and SQ full automatic quick coupler.

Steelwrist Hitatchi zx38 minigrävare 890x467

Steelwrist Hitatchi ZX38

Hitatchi ZX38 mini excavator with Steelwrist X04 tiltrotator. Small but highly versatile and efficient setup, also in confined spaces in urban areas.

Steelwrist EWR170E 890x467

Volvo EWR170E and Steelwrist

A most ideal setup for road construction and maintenance. Each part of the Volvo EWR170E and each option have their own purpose. From the tires, to the CDC control, to the trailer and the Steelwrist tiltrotator, it all adds up to a perfect “All-in-one”!

Steelwrist Volvo EW160E 890x467

Steelwrist Volvo EW160E

Road construction with Steelwrist tiltrotator in combination with grading beam. Volvo EW160E.

Steelwrist tiltrotator 890x467

Steelwrist Tiltrotators

Steelwrist’s compact and optimized tiltrotators in action. All sizes are equipped with Front Pin Lock (FPL).

Steelwrist compactor 890x467

Compactor Compaction made easy

Steelwrist Compactors are designed for quiet, safe, comfortable and maintenance free compaction of soil, pipeline trenches, embankments, pits and shafts. The low height and off-center bracket position increase the reach and you can use the compactor under obstacles and in other narrow positions.

Steelwrist Changing work tool 890x467

Changing powered work tools in seconds

The demand for productivity is constantly rising and in some applications the need for work tool changes is almost continuous. With Steelwrist SQ-technology you will be able to change between tiltrotator, hydraulic breaker, crusher, shear, pulverizer, grapple, screening bucket, compactor and of course any mechanical work tool – all without ever leaving the cabin and in only seconds.

Steelwrist Demolition 890x467


Demolition with Øst-Riv AS in Oslo, Norway – Steelwrist SQ 70.

Steelwrist SQ Auto connection system 890x467

SQ Auto Connection System

Change between tiltrotator, hydraulic breaker, crusher, shear, pulverizer, grapple, screening bucket, compactor and of course any mechanical work tool – all without ever leaving the cabin and in only seconds.

Steelwrist Multi Grapple 890x467

Steelwrist Multi Grapple

Steelwrist new high-performance sorting grapples are targeted for the tougher tasks such as handling large stones, timber, recycling, scrap, sorting and also for medium duty demolition work.

Steelwrist the trailer 890x467

Steelwrist the trailer -
soon at a job site near you!

The interest for Steelwrist products continue to grow internationally, yet the tiltrotator is still a fairly unknown product in many markets.

Steelwrist the trailer – is a teaser that will help customers to understand the potential and lead the user to some practical tips what to think about when getting started with tiltrotators.

Steelwrist Front Pin lock 890x467

Front Pin Lock - for quick couplers

The first part of the film shows a traditional quick coupler with negative indication and without Fron Pin Lock. One can then see what can happen if the wedge do not lock properly but without the operator detecting it. The second part shows how Steelwrist Front Pin Lock works.

Steelwrist Increased efficiency 890x467

Increased efficiency with a tiltrotator

We asked the driver to do the same job with and without a tiltrotator. The driver had to choose the best tool for the job. See for yourself how you can increase your productivity with a tiltrotator.

Steelwrist GEOfit 890x467


The film shows how easy it is to detach the tiltrotator with a GeoFit installed.