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Hydraulisk pallgaffel

Hydrauliska redskap 10-33 ton


A hydraulic pallet fork on the excavator expands the possibilties of the work that can be done, making it easier and faster to lift or move pallets at the jobsite. The spread between the fork tines is adjustable using the hydraulic control inside the excavator cab.

When the pallet fork is mounted under a tiltrotator and can be rotated the versatility of this work tool increases even more. Ideal when working in tight areas.

Teknisk specifikation

FästeSQ50, SQ60-4, SQ60-5, SQ65, SQ70, SQ70/55, SQ80
Maskinvikt [ton]10-33
Vikt från [kg]
Bredd [mm]1482
Längd [mm]2074
Höjd [mm]920
Gaffelmått [mm]125x50x1200
Lyftkapacitet [ton]5
Oljeflöde [l/min]
Max tryck [bar]