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Hydrauliska redskap 2-26 ton


Compaction made easy

Steelwrist compactors for excavators are engineered to deliver unparalleled high compaction force, making soil and trench compaction seamless and effortless.
Perfect for use with a tiltrotator. The compactors have an energy efficient design that results in a lower fuel consumption.

Perfect for use with a tiltrotator

With our innovative design, the compactor operates smoothly even with unmatched low hydraulic flow, and is therefore optimized to be used under a tiltrotator. Steelwrist hydraulic compactor is a powered work tool that offers high compaction force with low oil flow, and is excellent for use in various construction and landscaping applications, such as road construction, foundation work, trench backfilling, and landfill compaction. The excavator operator can easily switch between digging and compaction using the same machine, improving overall efficiency.

Manoeuvrability with the operator in mind

Designed with the excavator operator in mind, our compactors offers smooth, intuitive manoeuvrability, enabling precise positioning and optimal compaction. The operator will experience less vibrations and noice into the excavator arm and cab. The compactor has pallet fork lifting points for easy handling.

Modular design for upgrade to SQ/Open-S

The compactor is available with an interface following the symmetrical standard (S standard), which is the fastest growing standard internationally. Thanks to the modular design it is possible to upgrade the compactor from S-type (from S50) to SQ-type. Steelwrist SQ is our high performing automatic oil connection technology used to easily change and connect hydraulic work tools on the excavator. Naturally all SQ products comply with the Open-S standard.

Widening kit (option)

Optional widening kit is available for retrofit.

Teknisk specifikation

SnabbfästeS40S45, SQ45, S50, SQ50S45, SQ45, S50, SQ50S60, SQ60S60, SQ60S70, SQ70
Maskinvikt [ton]2-66-88-1212-1414-2020-26
Vikt från [kg]190210390420520590
Bredd [mm]470470630630760760
Längd [mm]8098201003103010381107
Höjd [mm]603620705730746856
Vibrationskraft [kN]252550507070
Vibrationsfrekvens [Hz]444440404040
Oljeflöde [l/min]242438385555
Max tryck [bar]210210210210210210