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Tiltrotator 16-22 ton


A tiltrotator for excavators between 16 and 22 tonnes

The Steelwrist X20 tiltrotator is designed to deliver the power and versatility that is a must for excavators of this size. Our tiltrotators have a low building height, high tilt angle and an unbeatable relationship between strength and weight thanks to steel cast components.

The tiltrotator brings versatility to the excavator in small to big tasks

With a midsized excavator you can take on projects of varying sizes, from small scale landscaping tasks to roadwork or foundation work on construction sites. The X20 tiltrotator enhances the efficiency of the excavator as it enables you to rotate a work tool 360 degrees and tilt 45 degrees in each direction, with top of the class precision and controllability. This facilitates your work and makes you flexible to take on a variety of challenging new jobs.

Steelwrist quick couplers and tiltrotators follow the symmetrical standard (S-standard), the fastest growing coupler type internationally. The attachment coupler on the tiltrotator has Front Pin Lock (FPL) safety solution, a mechanical lock of the front shaft which significantly limits the risk of an unintended drop of work tools. The tiltrotator is delivered with a control system that fits your excavator regardless if you need a two or four hose solution. With a tiltrotator that has high flow hydraulics you will be able to use the tiltrotator in a more fuel efficient way and it allows for efficient use of high flow work tools. A robust and easily calibrated Absolute Rotation sensor in the high flow swivel gives high accuracy data to Machine Control Systems.

A Sandwich configuration is often chosen for this size of excavators. This means that a quick coupler is mounted on the excavator arm, making it possible to disconnect the tiltrotator and pick up and connect a work tool directly.

Steelwrist SQ auto connection system and the Open-S standard

Steelwrist SQ is our high performing automatic oil connection technology used to easily change and connect hydraulic work tools on the excavator. All SQ products comply with the Open-S standard. This means that the SQ system is designed to be able to connect to other brands following the Open-S standard. S-type tiltrotators (from S50 and up) are upgradeable to SQ-type at a later stage.

Control system

Steelwrist supply two types of tiltrotator control systems. Quantum is an advanced control system where ergonomics, easy installation and fuel efficiency, remote support and automatic tool recognition are important parts of the system. The four hose proportional machine control is the more basic system.

Gripper cassette (option)

Equip the tiltrotator with a gripper cassette with a finger gripper that will make your excavator even more flexible, handling objects with precision. The gripper cassette can be retrofitted.

Central lubrication (option)

Our tiltrotators can be equipped directly from factory with central lubrication that fits all central lubrication systems on the market.

The X20 tiltrotator is also available with Verachtert (CW) or Lehnhoff (HS) coupler interface. For Verachtert (CW) the tiltrotator always has a Direct fit configuration.

Teknisk specifikation

Tiltrotator snabbfästeS60SQ60-5SQ65S60SQ60-5SQ65
Maskinvikt [ton]16-2016-2018-2216-2016-2018-22
Max brytmoment [kNm]180180180180180180
Vikt från [kg]520520520520520520
Bygghöjd [mm]563563563617617617
Längd [mm]814814814872872872
Bredd cylindrar [mm]809809809793793793
Max tiltvinkel [grader]±45±45±45±45±45±45
Maxbredd sticka [mm]334334334
Axeldiameter sticka [mm]60-8060-8060-80
Axelavstånd [cc-mått] [mm]330-460330-460330-460
Tiltmoment [kNm]474747474747
Rotationsmoment [kNm]8,88,88,88,88,88,8
Hydrauliska extrafunktioner med grip111111
Hydrauliska extrafunktioner utan grip222222
Lyftkrok [ton]555
Oljeflöde [l/min]999999999999
Max tryck [bar]210210210210210210
Max tryck extrafunktioner [bar]350350350350350350