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Hydrauliska redskap 3-26 ton


A heavy-duty grapple for tough tasks

The sorting grapple is excellent for handling tougher materials like rocks, large stones, timber and scrap, as well as for recycling, sorting and medium-duty demolition. It is light in weight but still strong, and has a compact design.

Perfect for use with a tiltrotator

Steelwrist grapples are optimized for use with a tiltrotator. The tiltrotator enables you to tilt and rotate your work tool, making it easier to reach awkward angles and work in confined spaces, with more precise control over the handling of materials. This is very practical in tasks where accuracy is crucial, such as sorting and placing objects in areas where space is limited. The need for frequent repositioning of the excavator is reduced. The bracket has a 6 degree angle for level alignment with the tiltrotator rotation plane.

Compact and robust grapple with enhanced grip design

The sorting grapple has a lightweight yet strong construction, and an impressive grip width that makes it possible to handle larger items with ease. Small objects can be picked up efficiently thanks to the tip-to-tip closing of the grip and the refined shape of the tip. The hydraulic design is safe and robust with shock relief- and load holding valves.

Modular design for upgrade to SQ/Open-S

The grapple is available with an interface following the symmetrical standard (S standard), which is the fastest growing standard internationally. Thanks to the modular design it is possible to upgrade the grapple from S-type (from S50) to SQ-type. Steelwrist SQ is our high performing automatic oil connection technology used to easily change and connect hydraulic work tools on the excavator. Naturally all SQ products comply with the Open-S standard.

Teknisk specifikation

FästeS40, S45, SQ45, S50, SQ50S45, SQ45, S50, SQ50, S60, SQ60S60, SQ60S70, SQ70
Maskinvikt [ton]3–8 6-1412-2018-26
Max brytmoment [kNm]7080180240
Vikt från [kg]248 376597 744
Bredd [mm]514606686755
Längd [mm]85995510851191
Höjd, max öppen [mm]584632717791
Höjd, spets mot spets [mm]7828589731068
Gripvidd [mm]1646183920842281
Gripvidd, minsta objekt [mm]468506577639
Gripkraft, spets, mot spets [kN]10152025
Griparea [m2]0,2 0,250,35 0,43
Lyftkapacitet [kg]3000 6000800010000
Oljeflöde [l/min]23426081
Max tryck [bar]250250250250