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Compact, robust and safe symmetrical quick couplers

Castes quick couplers with FrontPinLock! A safe solution for excavators, regardless of control systems, machine size and age. Our quick couplers follow the symmetric standard and meets all requirements of the new ISO13031.

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    Quick couplers with front pin lock

    Quick Couplers with Front Pin Lock

    Improved safety – for real

    Every day buckets are dropped on job sites! Most often without causalities, but sometimes the result is a serious accident. A front pin lock improves safety during tool changes and is a superior, robust steel cast solution. The front pin lock is more than just a warning function! It also salvages situations where you, contrary to all expectations, may have missed something in the work process.

    Front pin lock ensures that you can not drop the bucket by accident as long as the front pin is connected. The pin that is visible from the cabin. Compared to other solutions Steelwrist front pin lock work equally well with all types of excavators, both small and large, new and used, and especially with all types of control systems. Obviously, we live up to the new ISO13031 without compromise.


    Compact and steel casted

    Steelwrist is the only manufacturer on the market that have a symmetrical coupler completely cast in steel. Free from welding, large pin contact surfaces and materials where needed, creates an extremely robust design.

    Our priority is as usual minimum building height in front of the simplest manufacturing process. In comparison with other brands the building height can differ as much as 40 percent!

    Symmetrical standard for quick couplers

    Symmetrical couplers is the internationally fastest growing type of quick couplers. They are light, robust, easy and relatively inexpensive compared to most international options.

    S standard (“Symmetrical Quick Attachments for Excavators”) is an open industry standard managed by the Swedish Machine Suppliers Association.

    See our movie about Front Pin Lock!

    SQ Auto Connection System

    Changing powered work tools in seconds

    The demand for productivity is constantly rising and in some applications the need for work tool changes is almost continuous.

    With Steelwrist SQ-technology you will be able to change between tiltrotator, hydraulic breaker, crusher, shear, pulverizer, grapple, screening bucket, compactor and of course any mechanical work tool – all without ever leaving the cabin and in only seconds.

    By designing an interface that is 100% compatible with the wide spread OilQuick* ”standard” we allow our users to work with work tools already in the field.

    By using the latest available technology is was possible to optimize the hydraulic characteristics as well as to drive cost down. This makes full hydraulic couplers more affordable than in the past with even improved oil flow characteristics.

    By maintaining the steelcasted one piece body in both SQ-couplers and SQ-tiltrotators we manage to keep the same exceptional strength/weight relationship as the other Steelwrist products.

    By using the Front Pin Lock technology on our SQ-couplers – we manage to keep the high safety level without the need for complicated and expensive sensor based control systems.