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Electrical connector for SQ couplers

V14 is a robust fourteen pole connector specially made for SQ couplers and work tool applications. It can be retrofitted in existing SQ type couplers and work tools.

Self-cleaning function guarantees contact
The V14 electrical connector has large contact surfaces that make the connection secure. With a construction where the surfaces slide against each other during the coupling procedure, good contact is ensured and a self-cleaning effect also occurs.

With more pins more functions can be added
V14 has fourteen poles instead of ten, as in the old V90 conncector, which makes it possible to connect the tiltrotator function, as well as Machine Control System or separate valve packages, in the same connector.  It is also compatible with the position of the V90 connector in such a way that existing couplers and work tools from Steelwrist can be upgraded.