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About Control Systems

XControl-Bridge joysticks Steelwrist

Characteristics of the two hose system is that all functions (tilt, rotation, gripper, extra and lock functions) can be run simultaneously since the oil is distributed to each function in the tiltrotator’s hydraulic block. The tiltrotator have proportional valves and joysticks with proportional rollers that are used together with an control system that runs the functions. Four hose systems on the other hand uses the original proportionality from the excavator in two separate hydraulic functions. In these systems the valves on the tiltrotator are only open/close and the flow is controlled directly from the excavator. The normal setup on these systems are that the rotation function is directly connected on one hydraulic function whereas all the other functions tilt, gripper, extra and lock share the secont hydraulic function. The result is that one of the tilt, gripper, extra and lock can be used at the same time.

Controlsystem clinometer steelwrist

Factory-fit vs Retro-fit control system

More and more excavator manufacturers can now deliver excavators with a control system installed in the factory. The advantage for the user is that everything is function-tested, quality-assured and CE-marked directly from the factory. The risk of problems with the control system is significantly smaller then it is always mounted the same way and tested carefully at the factory.

Retro-fitted control systems

Still, most control systems today retrofitted, although the trend towards factory fitting is clear. During the installation the original joystick is replaced and a shunt valve is mounted in the excavator to control the flow of the hammer line. A very important part of the assembly is the final tuning of the system and the respective function. If this is not done well then the excavator run the risk of having to high fuel consumption or not having the smooth operation that the operator wants. With XControl, this is very easy thanks to the built-in auto-tuning that ensures that the correct amount of oil coming to the tiltrotator. Steelwrist can also be ordered with the proportional control systems SVAB RT or GP.


Four hose systems -
primarily for mini excavators

Several excavator manufacturers equip their machines with two double acting hydraulic functions. A Steelwrist can be equipped to operate with this system, but there are some limitations which are good to know. Since all the hydraulics are controlled directly from the excavator the maneuverability is dependant on the hydraulic system of the excavator.

You can not run more than two functions simultaneously, which means that you can use, for example, the tilt and gripper at the same time. This can be perceived as annoying if you are used to XControl or any other two-hose system. In practice, the four hose systems are most frequently used on mini excavators (for cost reasons) where the gripper is not as common as on the larger machines.