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Powered Work Tools

Steelwrist powered work tools for efficient material handling

A job needs a work tool and a work tool needs an excavator – not the other way around. That’s the starting point when we think about how to increase your excavator efficiency. Our powered work tools include a range of multi-, sorting- and finger grapples as well as pallet forks, sweepers and compactors.

Steelwrist X07 Grapple 900x600

Steelwrist Powered Work Tools

Steelwrist SQ50 900x600

Multi grapples

A versatile and strong grapple for use in general construction, heavy lifting, stone laying, sorting, timber loading, waste wood handling and light demolition. It is light in weight but still strong, and has a compact design. Enhanced synchronized arm movements make operation smoother and objects can be handled with precision. The fully closing by-passing arms ensure even the thinnest objects are gripped securely.

Steelwrist Grapple 900x600

Sorting grapples

The sorting grapple is excellent for handling tougher materials like rocks, large stones, timber and scrap, as well as for recycling, sorting and medium-duty demolition. The construction is light weight yet strong. Thanks to the impressive grip width you can handle larger items with ease. The grip has tip-to-tip closing for efficiently picking up small objects.

CONEXPO 2020 FingerGrapple

Finger grapples

This heavy-duty grapple is specifically designed for handling challenging materials like stumps, scrap and forest residue. The grapple has a robust design with a total of 5/7 bypassing fingers in Hardox material to keep weight down, while increasing lifespan. The by-passing arms offer flexibility in handling a variety of materials.

Steelwrist Compactor


Steelwrist compactors for excavators are engineered to deliver unparalleled high compaction force, making soil and trench compaction seamless and effortless. Perfect for use with a tiltrotator. The compactors have an energy efficient design that results in a lower fuel consumption.

PalletFork Steelwrist 900x600

Hydraulic Pallet Forks

A hydraulic pallet fork on the excavator expands the possibilties of the work that can be done, making it easier and faster to lift or move pallets at the jobsite. The spread between the fork tines is adjustable using the hydraulic control inside the excavator cab. When the pallet fork is mounted under a tiltrotator and can be rotated the versatility of this work tool increases even more. Ideal when working in tight areas.

Sweeper Steelwrist 2 900x600


Regardless if you have a need for cleaning pavements, cable trenches, railway switches, tram tracks, roofing, containers, flooding or other disaster areas from debris, material or snow the Steelwrist sweeper range give you the tool to take on the job. Instead of using manual shovels, snow plows or other similar work tools the Steelwrist sweeper range will give you access to the work area in a completely different and much more effective way. Dual direct drive hydraulic motors safeguard the torque needed for efficient brushing and a long lifetime. The sweeper is optimal to be used under the tiltrotator and works great with our SQ technology.