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The best investment to maximize your excavator’s efficiency is a tiltrotator. It will also make the job more fun! With 360° rotation and 45° tilt in both directions the tiltrotator allows you to do more types of jobs, be faster and work with greater precision.

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Do more from the excavator cab

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Fewer machine movements saves time, fuel and wear

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Do more with one machine

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”The Steelwrist potential”

Tiltrotators for all excavators

The tiltrotator technology is established and successful on many markets and continues to grow globally. Steelwrist has a full range of tiltrotators for excavators of any brand between 2-33 tonnes.

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“Since owning and using the tiltrotator, my company has been able to work smarter (not harder) and more efficiently. The quality that this piece of equipment offers is unmatchable!”

Nicholas Huott, Owner at NK Landscaping LLC, USA

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“The Steelwrist tiltrotator automatically raises the quality of my work, allowing me to feel proud of the end result.”

Serghei Frantuzan, Excavator Operator, Moldova

Work tools for every task

Steelwrist offers a wide range of work tools optimized for use with a tiltrotator. With the right tool you will increase your productivity and versatility and be ready for all types of jobs.

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