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Quantum is the latest generation of tiltrotator control systems and the most advanced on the market. Ergonomics, easy installation and fuel efficiency, remote support and automatic tool recognition are important parts of the system. You can easily add more features. Multifunctional ergonomic joysticks, simultaneous usage of all functions, individual profiles for all operators and work tools – all key features to unlock the true efficiency of your excavator.

Quantum can be installed on all excavator brands and connected to Machine Control Systems like iDig, Leica, Moba-Novatron, Topcon and Trimble.

Quantum Tiltrotator Control System video

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All the tiltrotator’s hydraulic functions are controlled proportionally with rollers on the L8 joysticks to achieve the best precision. Auto-calibration of hydraulic valves results in the best driver experience and minimizes fuel consumption. Our standard installation is in line with the ISO 10968 Earthmoving machinery – Operator’s Controls.

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The positioning feature connects the tiltrotator control system with Machine Control Systems like iDig, Leica, Moba-Novatron, Topcon and Trimble. The Machine Control System display and the auto-tilt function gives you full feedback about the position of the bucket.

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The Quantum app and mobile phone is the wireless link between the excavator, work tools (with ToolRec), internet and Steelwrist support. With the app you can change settings, see information about the system and connect the machine to remote support. The Quantum app is available for downloading in App Store or Google Play.

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With ToolRec the Quantum system wirelessly detects which work tool that is connected to the machine. The system can automatically change the tiltrotator settings depending on which work tool is connected and communicate which work tool that is connected to a third party system, for example 3D machine control. ToolRec saves the geographical position of the work tools in the Quantum app and keeps track of the work tools operating time and service intervals.

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The remote support function in the Quantum app lets the operator connect the control system with a support technician. This function remedys errors but can also be used to cut fuel consumption and give the operator the best driving performance. Quantum is being continously developed and the service technician can quickly and easily update the control system using the remote support.

WheelSteering 900x900


Optional track and wheel steering lets the operator control the excavator wheels or tracks using rollers on the joysticks. Rollers give a good steering precision and the operator does not have to let go of the joysticks to steer the excavator, which saves time and improves ergonomy and driver working environment.

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Steelwrist joysticks are designed for excavator operators with high demands on ergonomy and functionality. The L8 is the multifunction ergonomic joystick grip that has set a new standard with its innovative, functional design. It is today the leading joystick on the market.