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Auto change tiltrotator settings

The settings in the Quantum control system can be adjusted depending on which work tool is connected to the tiltrotator. With ToolRec in combination with the tiltrotator control system, each ToolRec module (TRM) can be configured with custom tiltrotator speeds, for example when using pallets forks. This helps the operator to always get the optimum performance of the tiltrotator and ensure minimal fuel consumption. With ToolRec’s open CAN bus interface the system can also be integrated with external tiltrotator control systems.

Connect easily to other subsystems

ToolRec connects easily to other subsystems. For instance it is used in Machine Control Systems (MCS) to inform which work tool is connected to the machine, by sending the work tool ID to the MCS. This input can be used to automatically change the MCS settings to match the connected work tool, providing quicker tool changes and eliminating potential error sources and expensive rework. The ToolRec Modules (TRMs) can also store information on the work tool’s unique measurements and dimensions if local work tool data storage is preferred.

Tracks and monitors work tools

The Quantum app offers the end user a simple work tool management system. The app lets the user know each work tool’s operating hours and last seen map position. With the app the user can also configure the service intervals and receive notifications when it is time for maintenance.