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GEOfit – Three functions in one

GEOfit (Grease, Electricity, Oil) connects the hydraulics, electrics and central lubrication to your excavator with a simple connection

Easy to use

The GEOfit coupler is easy to use. In a few seconds you can connect or disconnect your tiltrotator from the excavator.

Compact solution

GEOfit is the most compact solution and the only one that has central lubrication, electronics and hydraulic oil in the same connection. Thanks to the transverse handle, nothing that stands out and can get stuck with other things as you are using the excavator. The handle is designed so that you can not pinch your fingers during open/close and is a big advantage compared to competing products.

Pressure relieved couplings

GEOfit is equipped with integrated pressure relieved couplings which makes it possible to connect with residual pressure in the system.

Built-in Safety

When you want to remove the tiltrotator it is important that only the right coupler can be unlocked in the case that you have a “sandwich” solution, ie. Quick Coupler and Tiltrotator in sandwich. An additional safety level is achieved as the GEOfits dust protection contains the safety plug. This makes it impossible to disconnect the “wrong” coupler by misstake.

기술자 시방서

유압 커플링 1/2 과 3/4 인치 사양

최대 사용 압력35 MPa (350 Bar)
최소 파열 압력120 MPa
온도 범위-30°C ~ +100°C
자료아연 도금 강판, 양극 처리 된 알루미늄, 아연, 놋쇠
재료Nitril (NBR)

전기연결 사양

극의 수10
제어 시스템에 대한 조정 폴XControl G2
온도 범위-55°C ~ +125°C
최대 전류, 20°C22 A
보안 장벽내장형 먼지 보호 장치