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ToolRec competition

ToolRec kit info:

-Automatic tracking and optimization-

Data to your Machine Control System

The basic idea of Quantum based ToolRecognition

is a system that detects and give an identity

to the work tool that is attached to the excavator.

This information can be used by any of our partner

systems that you use in your everyday work –

Machine Control Systems, Weighing Systems,

Tiltrotator Control System etc.

The systems automatically get information about

which work tool that is connected and can set its

parameters accordingly. In this way you do not

need to manually enter which work tool you are

using. You are eliminating a potential source of

error as well as making changing work tools faster.

Easy to add new work tools

Setting up a new work tool in Quantum ToolRec

is very easy. Just mount the ToolRec Module on

the work tool, open the Quantum app and tap the

new work tool that appears automatically. Name

the work tool to your liking and it is now available

to any supporting system.

Keep track of your work tools

With Tool Recognition you will have the option to

localize your work tools on the workplace as they

are tracked. We monitor both the physical positionas well as utilization. If you have regular service intervals on your work tools we can automatically call your attention to when the service is due.

Just a starting point

Very affordable and bought in pack of three ToolRec modules give you a good start and with functionality that can be added over time. Battery lasts for about five years.

Competition rules:

The competition ends 16/4 and the winner is nominated 19/4 by the Steelwrist jury. Quantum Hub + Quantum Tool Recognition Module 3-pack is worth 358,88 EUR.
The winner is presented on our Instagram with the winning picture when the competition is finished.
The winner is solely responsible for reporting and paying any and all applicable taxes related to the prize.