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Rotor couplers

Advanced rotation technology for excavators

Steelwrist rotor couplers bring a new level of versatility and precision compared to a standard coupler. Designed to perform, our robust gearbox allows for precise and efficient rotation of any work tool. Easy to install as no separate control system is required. The high flow swivel design ensures maximum flow efficiency, allowing your work tools to perform at their best. Coupler with Front Pin Hook or LockSense for safe work tool changes.

RotorCoupler 900x600

Empower your excavator with advanced rotation technology

Whether it is road construction, shaping embankments or digging trenches, our rotor couplers enhance the flexibility and productivity of your excavator. With 360° limitless rotation you will be able to use your work tools in an efficient way, accessing areas at the worksite without repositioning the excavator. Quick and precise work tool changes, without the need for manual handling of the tools, makes work easier and safer.

Compact design

Steelwrist rotor couplers have a robust design and still a low building height and weight. Steel cast components give optimal weight to strength relationship.

Safety in focus

Our rotor couplers are designed for safe work tool changes and comes with either Front Pin Hook or LockSense safety solution. Safety solutions that comply with safety regulations like EN474, ISO13031 and SUVA.

Easy installation

Installation is fast and easy as no separate control system is required. The machine needs to be equipped with minimum one dual connection auxiliary line, and an additional auxiliary line can be used to operate the gripper unit (option) or a hydraulic work tool under the rotor coupler.

Maximum flow efficiency

The high flow swivel joints enables use of high flow-demanding work tools such as hydraulic breakers, compactors and grapples.