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Quick coupler 2-6 tonnes


Steelwrist symmetrical quick couplers are unique. No other manufacturer cast the entire quick coupler in steel and includes front pin locking as standard for maximum safety. Also pins are included.

With Front Pin Lock you are safe during tool changes regardless of control system, the size and age of your excavator. A simple mechanical solution that protects against the most common risk, ie that you by misstake connect the rear pin in the wrong way without noticing it. Read more about the Front Pin Lock.

The advantage of casting in steel is that materials can be optimized where needed (for example, contact surfaces to pins in order to minimize the preassure per square mm) and eliminate material where it is not needed. The result is an unrivaled relation between strength and weight.

Unlike traditional solutions that only indicates that the lock is open (or modern sensor-based solutions that indicates when you are not connected correctly), Steelwrist Front Pin Lock solves both problems. We indicate red when the lock is open and green when the bucket is in a secured position. In addition, we ensure that you do not drop a bucket even if you made a mistake in the coupling process. As long as you have the front pin in the front jaw (the one that you see from the cabin) then you are safe even if you locked above the rear pin. In a way, one can say that our solution is both a “warning” and an “airbag” when our competitors a “warning light”.



Building height (mm)100120
Weight (kg)3035
Width (mm)200200
Length (mm)300300
Shaft diameter dipper (mm)35-4535-50
Width dipper arm (mm)120-160160-200
Pin distance (cc-meassure (mm))160-270235-345

Technical specification

Recommended machine weight (tonnes)2-62-6
Lifting hook (tonnes)11
Front Pin LockYesYes