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Comparison CW against Symmetric standard

gripper casette excavation bucket

CW-standard (based on an original design by Verachtert) is a Quick Coupler type mainly used in the Netherlands and Belgium. Lately Symetrical couplers have started to gain market share also on these markets. Symmetrical Quick Couplers are sometime called S-type couplers.


CW standard - advantages and disadvantages

  • Large installed base mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Safe solution as the bucket can not be dropped once the front pin is in a safe postition



  • Low fuel efficiency as the CW coupler is significantly heavier than a Symmetrical coupler. (Example for a 16 ton wheeled excavator where the CW coupler is 87% heavier than the comparable Symmetrical coupler)
  • Lower break out force thanks to higher building height on the CE coupler. This is only in part compensated by the difference of shape in the roof of the bucket.
  • Not suitable for a sandwich tiltrotator
  • No firm standard for angles between different bucket manufacturers.
Picture quickcoupler S70 with Symmetricla standard

Symmetrical standard - advantages and disadvantages

  • Growing international standard that is increasing its market share in many countries. It is also the only standard that is not “owned” by an excavator manufacturer or a quick coupler manufacturer.
  • Safe solution with Steelwrist Front PinLock technology, that does not require sensor technology in order to protect the the operator and ground personnel against dropped buckets.
  • Low fuel consumption, low weight and low building height.
  • Maintained break out force thanks to low building height. Useful to know is that the symmetrical sandwich solution (quick coupler + sandwich tiltrotator) has a lower building hight in total that a directmounted tiltrotator with Verachtert.
  • The tiltrotatorn is optimized to be able to use the gripper cassette on the tiltrotator as option.
  • Often cheaper to buy than CW standard
  • Easy to convert buckets to a Symmetrical bucket but welding on a simple attachment bracket on the old bucket.
  • Smaller installed based on tiltrotators especially in the Netherlands and Belgium.