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SQ60-4 Adaptor plate with manifold

SQ Adaptor plate 12-20 톤


Boltable SQ-frame for easy conversion of any hydraulically powered work tool to SQ.  Male couplings in SQ adaptor equipped with Qplus technology for higher flow, more uptime and improved serviceability.

Bolt pattern available for many work tools in the market –  ask your local Steelwrist sales representative for a quotation.

Regarding interchangeability between the SQ standard and other brands of fully hydraulic quick couplers and work tools, see link.


링크 타입SQ60-4/S60
핀간거리 (중심간) (미리미터) G
높이 (미리미터) H
샤프트 직경. 디퍼 (미리미터) I
길이 (미리미터) J
폭 (미리미터) K