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GB14 700리터

평탄용 버켓 13-15 톤


Grading bucket optimized for use with tiltrotators

Steelwrist grading bucket is designed for optimal use with our tiltrotators and quick couplers. The grading buckets has relatively low weight, just like our other products, but is still extremely robust thanks to smart materials and thoughtful design. The design with chamfered corners, open angle, long and flat bottom and conical design are some of the properties. This allows the buckets to cut through the material with minimal digging resistance, which affects your fuel efficiency positively.

On the larger buckets (S60 and upwards) oversized pipes are used to increase the stiffness of the buckets, while the sheet metal truss structure used on the smaller buckets to keep the weight down.

The rounded back of the bucket allows the the material releases easier and fill without clogging during digging. Steelwrist planeringskopa is simply a bucket that does grading work easier.

기술자 시방서

장비 중량 (톤)13-15
링크 타입S60
틸트로테이터X14, X18
용량 (l)700
폭 (미리미터)1500
무게 (키로그램)526
절삭 날 (미리미터)30