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Behind the Scenes Steelwrist X12 Installation

As most of you already know I was recently given the opportunity to become a brand ambassador for the company Steelwrist. They are an amazing company making revolutionary attachments for heavy equipment. A little while back they shipped out all of my attachments and flew in a technician to install everything into my CAT 308d. Martin, their technician was very helpful in answering any questions I had and making sure everything was operating at 100%. Today I give you a behind the scenes look at the delivery, installation, and operation of the new Steelwrist machinery…….and a little riding mixed in there. Enjoy the video and check out Steelwrist for any of your excavator needs.

Jarryd McNeil

Woodco Machinery Inc. NELM Corp. Construction

Woodco Machinery Inc. - NELM Corp. Construction

“There’s no matching it. It’s the most amazing attachment I’ve ever come across.” Ray Delmonico, President/Owner NELM Corp. Construction.

Construction Publications

Tiltrotator At Work Benefits & Drawbacks (kopia)

Tiltrotator at work - Benefits & drawbacks

A Tiltrotator attachment takes an excavator to the next level. We look at a Steelwrist. How it works, cost & what it can do.

Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek


Steelwrist tiltrotator work video - Operator Jos

This video presents how the tiltrotator can be used in different ways and facilitates the daily work.


JNDwork – Operator Jos

JNDwork – Operator Jos

The combination of a Steelwrist tiltrotator with grip and bucket allows you to always work efficiently.


Spreding Bark With My Steelwrist

Spreading bark with my Steelwrist

“Having the ability to keep roads clean is a huge part of saving money on cleanup.”

Landscape Machine

Troweling concrete with Steelwrist

Precision at it’s best – With an tiltrotator you can always expect to perform a precise job.

Contrak Ltd

JCB Hydradig Working Machine With Trailer

JCB Hydradig working Machine with trailer

This JCB hydradig wheeled excavator machine with Steelwrist tiltrotator was on show at the Hillhead event in 2018.

International Operators

Steelwrist In Action – Landscape Machine

Steelwrist In Action – Landscape Machine

Just playing in the dirt on a new project prepping for the landscaping.

Landscape Machine

New Tiltrotator Work – Operator Jos

New tiltrotator work – Operator Jos

The possibilities are many with an tiltrotator – transform your excavator with a tilt and rotation function!


Mecalac714MWe+Steelwrist X18

Mecalac 714 MWe - Steelwrist X18

Video of the new 15 tons Mecalac 714 MWe mobile excavator of Gebr. Hoftijzer Aalten B.V.

Heavy Construction Equipment Channel

Steelwrist X18 And Cat 312DL

Steelwrist X18 and Cat 312DL

GoPro footage of Ben Millers Steelwrist X18 tiltrotator and a Cat 312DL excavator installing access tracks. Note the minimal tracking movements and re-positioning of the excavator.

Ben Miller