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Steelwrist launch a new range of Powered Work Tools – Hydraulic compactors, Multi-grapples and Sorting-grapples

28 apr 2017

Sollentuna,  April 26, 2017

Steelwrist launch a new range of Powered Work Tools – Hydraulic compactors, Multi-grapples and Sorting-grapples

Swedish tiltrotator and work tool manufacturer Steelwrist continue to broaden its product portfolio. At the international product launch on April 26 in Sollentuna, Sweden, Steelwrist launched a number of new products. Steelwrist powered work tools include screening buckets launched 2016 and now also compactors and stone/sorting- and multi-grapples.

The demand for environmentally friendly recycling solutions and work site material handling is growing. Rising fuel costs and landfill fees make it expensive for builders to transport unscreened material out and to bring in fill and topsoil material as replacement. The screening bucket solves this problem and with the new range of hydraulic compactors the portfolio is expanded to make the compaction job more efficient than ever before. With a Steelwrist OQ-adaptor on top of the work tools the change-over process is done in seconds.

The hydraulic compactors comes in four sizes covering excavators from 2 to 30 ton. Main features include off-center adaptor position for efficient reach, optimized compaction force-distribution, and pressure- and flow rate-control for overload protection.

Simultaneously two ranges of grapples are introduced to the market.

The Multi grapple (MG-line) is a general purpose construction and log grapple. Application areas include heavy lifting, stone laying and timber handling. Wide opening, Hardox 500 materials, high clamping force and mechanical end stops safeguard a long lifespan. By choosing high grade steel we reduce the overall weight which in turn increase the lifting capacity and lower the fuel consumption of the excavator. Four sizes are available from the MG20 for 3-6 ton excavators to the MG55 for 18-26 ton excavators.

The Stone and Sorting grapple (SG-line) will also be a complete product range with four sizes covering excavators from 6 to 32 ton. The SG grapples is a heavy duty sorting grapple that is targeted for the tougher tasks such as handling large stones, timber, recycling, scrap, sorting and medium duty demolition work.

Super wide opening with high clamping force and turnable bolt-on HB500 cutting edges ensures a cost effective operation. The Stone and sorting grapples are also made of high grade steel which mean we can lower the overall weight reducing the overall fuel consumption.

The new powered work tool range all have a 5 degree adaptor plate angle in order to level the rotation function with the tiltrotator rotation plane. Grapples can be delivered with Steelwrist OQ-adaptors and all grapples have load holding valves and accumulators as standard for the highest safety.

Deliveries of the first sizes of grapples will start in June 2017 and the products will be displayed at the MaskinExpo fair in Stockholm, May 18-20, 2017.

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