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Steelwrist reveals strategic cooperation with Tiltman ApS for distribution of tilt-units for mini excavators

28 apr 2017

Sollentuna,  April 26, 2017

Steelwrist reveals strategic cooperation with Tiltman ApS for distribution of tilt-units for mini excavators

Swedish tiltrotator and work tool manufacturer Steelwrist continue to broaden its product portfolio. At the international product launch on April 26 in Sollentuna, Sweden, Steelwrist revealed a strategic cooperation with Tiltman ApS, the danish manufacturer of small tilt-units for mini excavators.

In February 2017 Steelwrist launched a Powertilt solution together with Powertilt/Helac as a response to market demands for a robust tilt solution with the Steelwrist patented Front Pin Lock technology. Deliveries of Powertilts have already started.

Many customers want to get more efficient with a robust tilt-function also for the smallest excavators up to 3 ton. The Tiltman product is very suitable and comes with S30 couplers (S30/150 and S30/180) as well as S40. The tilt-unit can be delivered with the lock function as semi-automatic as well as hydraulic versions. Whereas the Powertilt use a tilt motor for the tilt function the Tiltman tilt-units use two compact cylinders which gives a weight advantage.

The Tiltman is a uniquely compact and lightweight  tilt-unit invented by Torben Ulriksen and and is produced in Tiltman ApS own factory outside of Aarhus in Denmark.

“We are very happy to be able to introduce tilt-units also for the really small excavators down to the 700 kg class. When we looked at what was available in the market it was natural to work with the original product and with Torben as inventor. Torben has done a great job with bringing the product to the market and now we believe we will be able to speed up penetration by offering a Steelwrist branded product to the international market”, says Stefan Stockhaus, Steelwrist CEO.

Steelwrist will offer the the tilt-units under the Steelwrist brand name in all markets where Steelwrist is active.

“I came up with the idea in 2007 and we received an award for best invention by Alexander Foss Industrifond already in 2008. Today 10 years after the introduction the product is well accepted in the market and we are growing like never before. We are now expanding our production facility and with the new factory in place after the summer 2017 we are well equipped to handle increasing volumes. We are very happy to work with Steelwrist as the focus on quality and the core values of responsiveness, speed and simplicity are close to our own value base”, says Torben Ulriksen, founder and owner of Tiltman ApS.

Deliveries of the Steelwrist tilt-units will start in June 2017 and the product will first be displayed at the MaskinExpo fair in Stockholm, May 18-20, 2017.

For more information please contact:

Stefan Stockhaus
Steelwrist AB
[email protected]
+46 709981321
Torben Ulriksen
Founder and owner
Tiltman ApS
[email protected]
+45 26 11 01 17

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About Tiltman
Tiltman is a quality product developed and produced exclusively in Denmark and specifically tailored to compact hydraulic excavators. Contractors, landscape gardeners, and others who use compact excavators as a natural part of their working day will benefit from enhanced efficiency and time saved on each individual job.

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