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SMP Parts joins Open-S Alliance as Full member

16 nov 2021


SMP Parts joins Open-S Alliance as Full member

SMP Parts is next to join the Open-S Alliance and the third manufacturer of tiltrotators and quick couplers to become a Full member.

The demand for fully automatic quick couplers on excavators continues to grow globally. Open-S is a common standard for the hydraulic interface between quick coupler, tiltrotator and attachments. With an open standard, machine operators and contractors can more easily choose quick couplers, tiltrotators and work tools from manufacturers that are in compliance with the standard, and be confident that they will work together.

SMP Parts is a manufacturer of tiltrotators and quick couplers with complete mounting systems for excavators. The company operates in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, England, Spain, US and the Benelux countries, with a number of dealers in each country. All development and manufacturing are carried out in the main headquarters and factory in Ilsbo, Sweden.

“Standardization is an important part of improving both the user experience and the enhanced safety of our customers. By becoming members of the Open-S Alliance we take our responsibility in creating one global standard whereby the safety of products must never be compromised”, says Patrik Lindqvist, CEO and President of SMP Parts.

”We have had a clear goal at SMP Parts, to be one of the suppliers included in the Open-S Alliance, precisely because it both increases our competitiveness and because it gives our end customers more opportunities to use SMP products”, says Mattias Andersson, Chief Technical Officer at SMP Parts.

The Open-S Alliance is a manufacturer-independent organization working to safeguard global interchangeability of hydraulic powered work tools and attachments for excavators. Memberships are in three levels going from Full Member, Associate Member to Supporting member depending on if Open-S products are developed, produced inhouse or sourced. SMP Parts joins as Full member.

The standardization work has been ongoing for the last two years with the purpose to;

  • Increase safety and efficiency for excavator owners, operators and ground personnel thanks to that interchangeability for hydraulic powered work tools is achieved
  • Create a competitive and open industry standard that is not controlled by a single producer
  • Create a standard that is user-friendly and follows the highest safety standards
  • Create a uniform manufacturing standard for dimensions and tolerances
  • Make it cost efficient to retrofit adaptor brackets to used and new buckets and work tools

“We are happy to welcome SMP Parts as a Full member. We expect more members to join as the standard grows internationally and talks are ongoing with more manufacturers who want to join”, says Stefan Stockhaus, Chairman of Open-S Alliance.

The Open-S standard has its own website with complete information:

For more information contact:
Stefan Stockhaus, Chairman of Open-S Alliance,
[email protected], +46 70 998 13 21

Anders Jonsson, Board member of Open-S Alliance,
[email protected], +46 70 590 09 49

Patrik Lindqvist, CEO of SMP Parts AB
[email protected], +46 70 723 93 22

About Open-S
Open-S – the open industry standard for fully automatic quick couplers for excavators. The purpose of Open-S is to provide global interchangeability between quick couplers, tiltrotators and work tools from different manufacturers. Open-S Alliance is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of developing and promoting the Open-S standard. Read more at