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All the tiltrotator’s hydraulic functions are controlled proportionally with rollers on the L8 joysticks to achieve the best precision. The multifunctional L8 joysticks are well suited for ergonomical high precision steering of tiltrotators. The rollers are placed on both front and back of the joystick and several functions can easily be controlled at the same time. Electronics and hydraulics provide optimal control of all tiltrotator functions. The tiltrotator control is based on technology and knowledge from over 55 000 installations.

Integrated solutions for many different machine brands

We have many well integrated solutions for different excavators and work is continuous on adaptations for new models.


Installations should be easy and simple to do. This is very important especially on new markets or when the workshop has no experience of tiltrotator installations. Auto-calibration automatically maps the hysteresis of the machine and tiltrotator and fine-tunes it for the best operator experience and lowest fuel consumption. Available for X12-X32 tiltrotators.