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X04 CW05

틸트로테이터 2-4 톤


A Steelwrist tiltrotator for the small excavators

Steelwrist small tiltrotators are developed with a focus on flexibility, building height and low weight that is so important for compact excavators. With a CW bottom the tiltrotator is always direct fitted. With a steel casted structure, the weight can be reduced while strength is maximized. All you need to facilitate your work.

Gear housing, bottom and top in solid cast steel, hardened shafts and piston rods, gripper cassette that can be retrofitted and and central lubrication as option. Delivered with control systems that fit your excavator regardless if you need a two of four hose solution.

Tiltrotator options

Control System

XControl if you want to have complete freedom to run all functions simultaneously or four hose system with proportional control from the excavator. Both types of control systems meet the upcoming ISO13031.

Central Lubrication

Our tiltrotators can be equipped directly from factory with central lubrication that fit all central lubrication systems in the market. Read more here.



폭 (미리미터)314
길이 (미리미터)586
몸체높이 부터 (미리미터)322
실린더 폭 (미리미터)499
무게 부터 (키로그램)115


권하는 장비 무게 (톤)2-4
링크 상체Direct Fit
최대틸트각도 (각도)45
요구되는 유량 (리터/분)20-40
최대 사용 압력 (바)180-210
그립제외한 유압 추가 기능1
유압 추가 기능 및 그립0
회전 속도 (r/m)8
회전력 (키로뉴튼)2,7
틸트력 (키로뉴튼)6,5
기어 주택 윤활그리이스