Steelwrist Background
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SB5 210리터

체버켓 2-6 톤


Patented high efficiency screening bucket

  • Screening size can be adjusted from 25 mm to a larger size in just a couple of minutes.
  • The screening bucket has a patented direct drive camshaft technology that that reduces the number of moving parts
  • Extremely few moving parts means that it will be both cheap in maintenance costs and is suitable for rental
  • Everything can be screened – wet material, large rocks, and construction site waste

Steelwrist standard range is made for the symmetric standard. Steelwrist screening buckets fits excavators between 3 and 50 tons, and is adapted for use with Steelwrist tiltrotators.

기술자 시방서

장비 중량 (톤)2-6
링크 타입S40
틸트로테이터X04, X06
용량 (l)210
폭 (미리미터)830
무게 (키로그램)310