Steelwrist Background
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다용도 목재집게 MG40

집게 12-18 톤


Steelwrist Powered Work Tools – Multi grapple
General purpose construction grapple

Steelwrist multi grapple is our general purpose construction and log grapple. Application areas include heavy lifting, stone laying, sorting, loading of cut-to-length timber, waste wood handling, light demolition etc.

With a wide opening it’s the perfect work tool for operators who want to broaden their scope of work. High clamping force supported by load holding valves and accumulator for the highest safety level. The by-passing jaws close fully so that also thin objects can be handled with ease.

Hardox 500 in all wear plates and cutting edge as well as expander pins, self lubricating bearings and mechanical end stops, are all details that safeguard a long lifespan of the grapple as well as a smooth operator experience. The bracket has a 5 degree angle that levels the grapple with the tiltrotator rotation plane. Naturally it works great with our SQ-technology

기술자 시방서

장비 중량 (톤)12-18
집게면적, m20,4
그리퍼거리 (미리미터)1938
그리퍼거리가장 작은 물건109
최대 부하 (키로그램)7000
무게 (키로그램)490
집는 힘, 끝단간, kN25
높이, 끝단간1127
높이, 최대열림941
최대 사용 압력(바)250
브라켓S60, S70, OQ60-5, OQ65, OQ70, HS10, CW20