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Why Tiltrotator?

It is already a must for excavator owners and contractors in the Swedish market, to mount a tiltrotator to the excavator. Over 90% of all excavators between 3 and 30 tonnes are now equipped with a tiltrotator.

The productivity speaks for itself

The more complicated the job – the higher the productivity when using a tiltrotator – a well known fact. Experienced operators usually estimate the productivity improvement to between 20 and 35% depending on the type of job. We made a comparison:

In short the productivity increase come from:

• Existing jobs can be done faster
• New types of jobs than without a tiltrotator
• Less need for ground staff

100% conversion

When you go from working without to working with a tiltrotator statistics show that
you will never go back. We have virtually 100% conversion in all markets where we operate. Can you get a better track record?