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Work tools

Steelwrist work tools for efficient material handling

A growing range of work tools makes it possible to increase your productivity. Our goal is to make many work tools more cost efficient and easy to manage. We use high-strength structural steel in combination with highly wear-resistant steel to make our products robust and durable.

PalletFork Steelwrist 900x600
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Work tools for higher productivity

HPF5000 900x600

Pallet forks

Lift and move pallets efficiently at the worksite with a Steelwrist pallet fork on the excavator. The pallet forks are intended for use with or without a tiltrotator to lift pallets and are available in hydraulic or mechanical versions.

Excellent for use in areas with limited space such as roadwork. Steelwrist pallet forks have adjustable spread and excellent through-visibility.

GR2000 S60 900x600

Grading Beam

Grading beam for leveling and compaction of material over large areas with tiltrotator.

AC10 S50 900x600

Asphalt Cutter

Indispensable for cable and plumbing when you can make precise cuts and avoid digging away the asphalt that does not need to be removed.

RP70 S70 900x600


For efficient demolition and mining. The ripper provides best tear and break out of the material. The design allows for optimal breakout force and suited for frozen ground, stumps and stones.