Steelwrist Background
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Sweeper 5-33 tonnes


Regardless if you have a need for cleaning pavements, cable trenches, railway switches, tram tracks, roofing, containers, flooding or other disaster areas from debris, material or snow the Steelwrist sweeper range give you the tool to take on the job. Instead of using manual showels, snow plows or other similar work tools the Steelwrist sweeper range will give you access to the work area in a completely different and much more effective way.

Dual direct drive hydraulic motors safeguard the torque needed for efficient brushing together with Beeline/Cartridge brushes for long brush lifetime.

  • Dual direct drive hydraulic motors
  • Mudflap
  • Integrated parking stand
  • Bolt on top brackets available with S-, SQ- CW- and HS-type standards


Quick couplerS40, S45, S50, S60, SQ60-4, SQ60-5, HS08, CW10
Weight (kg)170
Width (mm)1000
Flow requirement (l/min)40-130
MotorDual Motor Direct Drive