Steelwrist Background
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Steelwrist history -old


Quick couplers for excavators are invented. Swedish excavator manufacturer Åkerman if the first to introduce a quick coupler.


The Swedish market for quick couplers is starting to gain momentum and more companies begin to manufacture quick couplers as they become more popular in Sweden. Around the Swedish market is dominated the Swedish quick coupler market by five companies: Dento, Bofors, Överum, Cerapid and SMP. Some companies turn their attention to the tiltrotator concept developed by Noreko. In 1986 starts Steelwrist predecessor Dento starts to develop a tiltrotator.


The chrisis in the building sector in the early 90s, creates major profitability problems throughout the industry. Towards the end of the decade the tiltrotatror market is starting to be a common work tool not only in Sweden but in the Nordic region. Gjerstad Industri A/S sees the potential in the tiltrotator and acquires Dento. Gjerstads owner dies unexpectedly and the planned factory in Knivsta is put on ice


Dsolution AB is formed and at the development of a new generation tiltrotators based on the experience of the 80s and 90s is started by Bernt Wedberg. Prototype series of new generation tiltrotators is presented.


Stefan Stockhaus and Markus Nilsson starts Steelwrist AB and acquires the development project from Dsolution AB.


A period of strong growth, industrialization, and product development. The product portfolio is expanded and production capacity is multiplied.


Launch of own control systems and and quick couplers.


The financial crisis leads to a period of downsizing and rationalization. The Preferred Supplier Agreements with Volvo Construction Equipment creates conditions to consolidate operations and build a new production plant in Edsberg in Sollentuna.


Strong growth and sales and several new markets are started up. Generation 2 of Steelwrist control system XControl launched in collaboration with SVAB. ISO certification for both Quality (ISO9001) and Environmental (ISO 14001).


Large investments in product development and steel casting – the world’s first fully steel casted tiltrotator, the X07, is launched. 2012 Steelwrist patented quick couplers with Front Pin Lock launched together with NCC.


The X20 is launched and safe couplers are introduced also on tiltrotators. OEM cooperation with Yanmar Construction Equipment begins


The X32 is lauched and completes the product range for large excavators (up to 33 tons). The Germany organization is started up and the Lehnhoff standard tiltrotators enters serial produktion.


Continued strong growth and a focus on new markets. The product range is broadened further in order to continue to grow outside Scandinavia. OEM cooperation with JCB begins.