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TMX S30/180

Powertilt 0-3 tonni


TMX comes with S30 and S40 brackets (S30/150 and S30/180). Tilt unit can be delivered with semi-automatic or hydraulic locking version. While Powertilt uses a tilt motor to tilt, we use two compact cylinders on TMX which gives a weight gain. Fits excavators from 700 kg.

Tekninen erittely

TyyppiTMX S30/180
Rakennekorkeus (mm)190
Paino (kg)28
Akselin halkaisija kauhanvarressa (mm)25-35
Puomin maksimi leveys (mm)100-125
Akselileveys (cc -mitta)(mm)100-150
Tilt (aste)30