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X20 S60

Tiltrotator 16-20 tonnes


A tiltrotator for machines in the middleweight class, between 16 and 20 tonnes

Steelwrist tiltrotator is designed to deliver the power and durability that is a must for larger excavators. A well thought-out design, raw power, precision and smoothness are combined in rotation and tilt functions. This facilitates your work and makes you flexible to take on a variety of challenging new jobs.

Gear housing, bottom and top in solid cast steel, hardened shafts and piston rods, dual acting tilt cylinders. Control system, gripper cassette with four finger gripper and central lubrication as options.

Tiltrotator options

Control Systems

XControl if you want to have complete freedom to run all functions simultaneously or four hose system with proportional control from the excavator. Both types of control systems meet the upcoming ISO13031.

Gripper Cassette

Our tiltrotators can be equipped with gripper cassette and four finger gripper that will make your excavator even more flexible. The gripper cassette can be retrofitted.

Central lubrication

Our tiltrotators can be equipped directly from factory with central lubrication that fit all central lubrication systems in the market. Read more here.



TypeS60/S60Direct Fit/S60
Width (inch)27.1727.17
Length (inch)32.1334.33
Building height (inch)2022.13
Cylinder width (inch)28.8628.86
Weight from (lb)9791041
Width with gripper (inch)28.2328.23
Length with gripper (inch)39.4941.81
Gripper reach (inch)32.2832.28
Weight with gripper from (lb)12321294
Pin distance (cc-meassure) (inch)13-18.11
Pin distance (cc-meassure) (mm)330-460
Width dipper arm (inch)13.15
Shaft diameter dipper (inch)2.36-3.15

Technical specification

TypeS60/S60Direct Fit/S60
Recommended machine weight (lb)35200-4400035200-44000
Top unitS60Direct Fit
Attachment couplerS60S60
Maximum tilt angle (degrees)4545
Necessary flow (gallons/min)26-3226-32
Pressure (bar)210210
Hydraulic extras without grip22
Hydraulic extras with grip11
Rotational speed (r/m)88
Rotational force (kNm)8,88,8
Tilt power (kNm)4747
Lubrication of the gear housingGreaseGrease