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Stone- and sorting SG32

Grapple 10-20 tonnes


Steelwrist Powered Work Tools – Stone and sorting grapple
Heavy duty sorting grapple

The new high-performance sorting grapples are targeted for the tougher tasks such as handling large stones, timber, recycling, scrap, sorting and also for medium duty demolition work.

The tip-to-tip closing cutting edges in HB500 steel are bolt-on and turnable, which together with the high tensile steel jaws and expander pins assures a cost effective operation.
High clamping force and a super wide opening will give you the flexibility that you need.
Shimable mechanical end stops and load holding valves ensure a safe work.
The bracket has a 5° angle that levels the grapple with the tiltrotator rotation plane and works great with our SQ-technology.

Technical specification

Machine weight (lb)22000-44000
Gripper area, m20,32
Gripper reach (inch)72
Compaction area (lb)15400
Weight (lb)1056
Gripper force, tip against tip, kN20
Height, tip against tip1010
Height, max open863
Max operating pressure (bar)250
BracketS40, S45, S50, HS08