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Grading buckets

The Steelwrist grading bucket is optimized for use with a tiltrotator. Relatively low weight thanks to high grade steel. Grading buckets have indented corners and all buckets have tapered backs. The progressive radius cuts the material easier during the digging movement. At the same time material releases easier when emptying the bucket.

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    Comparison Steelwrist grading bucket versus competititor grading bucket

    Below you can see the difference between our grading buckets and competing brands. Wider opening angle, longer bucket bottom and rounded back resulting in higher capacity per fuel crown.

    steelwrist grading bucket comparison

    Steelwrist Grading Bucket

    competing brand comparison

    Competititor grading bucket.

    Longer bucket bottom makes it possible to load more material without spill.

    greater bucket floor angle

    Wider opening angle makes it easy to empty the bucket close to the excavator.

    greater bucket floor angle 2

    Wider opening angle makes it possible to use the cutting edge with jobs with extended arm.