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Steelwrist XControl is the leading control system in the market. It is extremely easy to use and can also automatically calibrate the settings for optimum driver feeling and minimum fuel consumption. Safe wheel- and tracksteering is available as an option along with other machine-dependent options (eg dozer blade control, boom swing, etc – please do not hesitate to ask). Hand rest available for all our joysticks. Integration into the industry’s leading machine control systems.

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    Control System for best ergonomy, productivity and safety

    XControl-Bridge joysticks Steelwrist

    XControl - for best functionality

    A well-functioning control system is the key to a smooth and fuel efficient tiltrotator. Steelwrist XControl is the leading system in the market and is extremely easy to use. XControl automatically calibrate settings for optimum driver feeling and minimum fuel consumption.

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    Wheel- and track steering - profitability during movement

    The advantage of having full control of the entire machine directly from the joysticks is evident. Once you’ve tried you will not want to be without again.

    Regardless if you use wheel or track steering you become more efficient, especially when it comes to short movements. You just continue working as you move the excavator.

    XControl G2 wheel or track steering gives you:

    • Efficiency – faster movement and better workflow.
    • Safety – meet the requirements for all types of excavators, among others ISO5010 and ISO15998.
    • Flexibility – smooth steering for better flexibility and precision.
    • Works perfectly with XControl Joysticks with pistol grip and finger roller. It doesn’t get more comfortable than this!
    • Easy trimming of the bands so that the machine goes straight.

    XControl track steering means that the tracks are controlled with the two index finger rollers, one roller run the tracks parallel backward or forward, and the other turns the machine right or left.


    Four-hose proportional control from the excavator

    Naturally, we deliver solutions for excavators with four or six hoses.
    Please contact us for more information.