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Profitable safety and efficiency

gripper casette excavation bucket

Our goal is to design the optimum tiltrotator

We work hard on this every day. We continually strive to improve our products, the result of this being that we are now a clear leader where this technology is concerned. More and more people are switching to Steelwrist, both in Sweden and abroad, and this encourages us to work even harder. We want to make products that are simple, safe and efficient to use. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Fully cast tiltrotators and quick couplers with a low build height, greater tilt angle and front pin lock mean that you can work safely and efficiently.
  • Our XControl control system reduces fuel consumption and is intuitive to use.

The market’s most compact and optimised tiltrotator

More and more people are choosing Steelwrist. Thanks to careful optimisation using advanced simulation tools and exhaustive tests, you are guaranteed value for money. We’ve left nothing to chance.

Display controlsystem G2 tiltrotator transp

XControl control system – safe and fuel-efficient

Safety first! Our XControl control system automatically ensures that you can only use the correct quick coupler if you have a tiltrotator with quick coupler. By using quick couplers with front pin lock for tiltrotators, we are creating a solution with the highest safety class – for all excavators!

XControl can also be auto-calibrated to ensure the lowest fuel consumption and best operability – added value for both your wallet and the operating experience.You can of course have multiple profiles for different operators or tools.


XControl joystick – Ergonomics for a more comfortable work shift

Whatever you want to do with your excavator, your idea has to be relayed to the tool in the ground using joysticks. Your efficiency is of course affected by the joysticks’ ergonomics and functionality. We use the XControl joystick and SVAB L8 to make your job simpler and more comfortable. The two best joysticks on the market.

Both joysticks are of course available with hand rests.

Both joysticks also have double signal management – a requirement for driving at speeds higher than 9 km/h with wheel steering.

Front pin lock

The result of a dropped bucket can be devastating, and several serious accidents occur every year.Using a coupler with front pin lock will ensure that you and your employees feel safe in the workplace.

Steelwrist front pin lock = two patented innovations that combine to increase safety:

  1. Snap-locked front pin – locks the front pin in the tool as soon as it enters the coupler grip.
  2. Positive lock indication – in addition to negative lock indication, the coupler also indicates using a green pin that the coupler is in the locked position, i.e. that the snap lock is active.

Front Pin Lock™ is standard for all Steelwrist tiltrotators and quick couplers.

Cast four-finger gripper unit for a safer grip

An integrated gripper unit – a great tool to help increase your productivity significantly.The aim of Steelwrist’s four-finger gripper unit is to increase safety when handling objects. Multiple and wider contact surfaces mean a better grip.

The gripper unit opens properly, closes almost completely, has strong cylinder housings and does not protrude at the rear such that it interferes with the excavation.This can of course be retrofitted.

Wheel and track steering – profitable work while moving

The benefit of having full control of the entire machine directly via the joysticks is obvious. Once you have tried it, you won’t look back.Whether you use wheel or track steering, no time or efficiency will be lost to any small movements.

If you use wheel or track steering, you are guaranteed safe and flexible alternative steering, giving faster movement and better flow during work. Steelwrist wheel and track steering satisfies all ISO requirements.