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XControl G2

Accessory Steering system


Steelwrist XControl is the most operator friendly control system for control of tiltrotators on the market. XControl uses well-tested software for hydraulic valve control which provides superior driveability and feeling. Settings of the XControl is done via a color touch screen with intuitive menus. Robust connectors on the cabling ensures reliable operation.

When we designed Generation 2, we wanted to do something that no one had done before. We wanted to make it much easier and safer, both for the operator and for the installer. We also wanted to reduce fuel consumption, improve ergonomics and give the driver more valuable information. XControl G2 is today the most advanced system for controlling the tiltrotator. Very easy for you, a lot of work for us.

Correct settings for the right job

With XControl G2 all settings and changes to the system is made on a 3.5 inch touch screen with clear and logical menus. It is easy to set different profiles for different drivers, work situations or work tools.

Clinometer – support in your daily work

We work hard to maintain the pole position in tiltrotator development. With XControl G2, we were the first to launch a control system with built-in Clinometer. The Clinometer shows you the rotation- and tilt angle compared to predetermined plane. A tool that you can utilize in your daily work.

Auto-tuning for lower fuel consumption

By experience, we know that many excavators consume more fuel than they need because of the tiltrotator’s control system. Since the operator rarely have anything to compare to if is very difficult to detect if the parameters are incorrectly set. When we developed the XControl, we included Auto Tuning. This means that the system itself sets the optimum values for minimum fuel consumption and maximum performance. Over time, this can save a lot of money.