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Tiltrotators for excavators from 2 to 33 tonnes

Our tiltrotators have a low building height, high tilt angle and an unbeatable relationship between strength and weight thanks to steel cast components. With 360° unrestricted rotation and 45° tilt in each direction the tiltrotator allows you to do more types of jobs, be faster and work with greater precision.

Coupler with Front Pin Hook, Front Pin Lock or LockSense for safe work tool changes.

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Tiltrotators for excavator efficiency and safety

A tiltrotator on the excavator is perfect for a wide range of applications, such as construction sites, road construction, in utility work, cable laying and landscaping. With a 45° tilt angle and 360° rotation the tiltrotator allows the operator to perform numerous tasks without having to change the excavator’s position. The tiltrotator is used to position the work tool by combining a tilting and a rotary movement. Excellent for work in narrow spaces. Experienced tiltrotator operators usually estimate the productivity improvement to between 20 and 35 percent depending on the type of job, truly unlocking the excavator’s efficiency.

X02 tiltrotator

Compact and optimized tiltrotators

Our tiltrotators have low building height and low weight that gives you optimized digging geometry and the best fuel efficiency. Steel cast components gives optimal weight to strength relationship.

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Safety in focus

Our tiltrotators are designed for safe work tool changes and comes with either Front Pin Hook, Front Pin Lock or LockSense safety solution. Safety solutions that complies with safety regulations like EN474, ISO13031 and SUVA.

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Reduced environmental impact

The improved efficiency of the excavator when using the Steelwrist tiltrotator results in less fuel consumption, fewer heavy machines needed on job sites, less heavy transportations and increased work safety. When you don’t need to move the machine around so much this also causes less damage to the ground at the worksite.

Steelwrist TR X07 MG

Work tools to drive efficiency

Combine your tiltrotator with Steelwrist mechanical and hydraulic work tools that offer a wide range of functions, allowing you to perform various tasks efficiently and easily across all different types of jobs. All our work tools are optimized for use under a tiltrotator.