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Tilt Coupler 18-24 Ton

Steelwrist Tilt Couplers

The Steelwrist tilt coupler is a combination between a robust tilt motor and the patented Front Pin Lock technology from Steelwrist. With the Steelwrist tilt coupler you will get a safe quick coupler solution when you just need the tilt function and not the full blown tiltrotator functionality.

The Steelwrist tilt coupler is based on the steel casted coupler as well as the robust direct fit top with expander pins.

Teknisk specifikation

Skifte typeSQ70
Byggehøjde (mm)600
Vægt (kg)650
Akseldiameter gravearm (mm)60-80
Bredde gravearm (mm)280-400
Aksel afstand (cc mål)(mm)270-485
Max tilt vinkel (grader)2x60
Dreje moment (Nm)17800
Holde moment (Nm)53100
Oil Flow (l/min)39-78
Drifttryk (bar)210