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Configurable and ergonomic joystick grips and a reliable and robust electronic joystick base is the key to an efficient and ergonomic operator environment.

L8 joystick grip

The L8 is the multifunction ergonomic joystick grip that has set a new standard with its innovative, functional design. The grip can be configured based on component placement, color, functionality, and interface to the machine. You can control two roller functions simultaneously with your thumb and index finger. Up to three rollers can be installed, two for the thumb and one for the index finger.

On the grip there is room for up to nine buttons, which means that most functions can be gathered in a small area. The ergonomics and the easy-to-grip design have made the L8 the most popular joystick grip among machine operators of advanced excavators.

L8 eJB joystick base

The L8 eJB is a robust and safe electronic joystick base with moving components protected with a bellow. The L8 eJB is designed for remote control of electro hydraulics via CAN. The joystick base mimics the mechanics, ergonomics and feel of a hydraulic joystick and has a design that is proven to be robust. The highly configurable L8 grip is easily connected to the joystick base which allows a pass through for the grip CAN frames.